Our Wedding Story

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I decided now that we’re almost 6 months past the best day of our lives, I would do a little recap here on the blog. Get ready, it’s about to get lovey dovey.

To start, we wanted our day to represent who we feel we are as a couple. When we saw our venue, Warehouse 6, for the first time we left there knowing that we had to make it happen. Warehouse 6 is connected to Cento Anni which crafts all handmade wood products including the tables that the wedding venue uses. In fact, we’re waiting for a coffee table to be made for us from Cento Anni! One of our family members/family gave us a certificate for them as a wedding gift so that we could have a piece of furniture in our home to always remind us of our special day. I’ll be sure to share it on Instagram when it’s done!

We had been dating for four years and it got to the point where I thought every moment was IT…then he said, I’m NOT doing it this year! Turns out he stuck to his word and proposed day one of 2018

After Steve proposed on New Year’s Day, not at midnight, but in the morning when we had some quiet time together in our PJs …it was nothing short of perfect. Fast forward to August 11th 2018 and we got married on an incredibly hot day when everything happened in slow motion. Most people told me to savor the moments and that it would be over in a flash! I feel lucky to say, we felt like our day went by sweet and slow.

It started at my house, Steve stayed at his best man’s house, and I woke up incredibly early with my friend Kari (also our hair and makeup artist) who is THE best to have woke with me (I really think it was 5am or earlier). She started hair and I set out breakfast food and loads of coffee. Some of my girls were staying with me (and also got up incredibly early) and the others got there throughout the morning. Steve moved our TV into the area we were getting ready in and set up the dvd player with Parks and Rec. Perfection!

Lots of coffee, smiles, talks and the sweetest thing started happening. Steve arranged a gift chain for me from each of my girls. They started with a candle & lighter with my favorite scent, calming putty, my favorite candy (sugar babies), a comic about love, a shot + a mixer (for now), a sour and awesome beer (for later), and a love letter. Steve knows that I value words and so for his final gift to be a letter of how he was feeling that day meant the world to me.

We rent an apartment within a house (where no one occupies the downstairs) and our landlord Abby said we could use the whole downstairs for getting ready. This was SO nice because I was so calm being home all morning <3

After a little rush to get to the venue, makeup still being done, me running around in my lil robe, family starting arrive, and definitely eating (I was NOT gonna go without eating this day)…it was time to get my dress on. The day still went slowly but I’m pretty sure I power walked to the location where Steve was waiting for me at Windows on the Waterfront. Our photographer, Sydney Marie Photography, captured our first moment together, his first word was, WOW and pictures ensued from there.

After photos were done, I hid away in the kitchen and the caterers gave me rolls to calm the nerves/jitters. I did not really want everyone to see me before it was time. Early on during planning I didn’t think I cared too much about that, turns out I did. So I hid! But quickly things began to happen, my dad & mom were crying and I could not hear the music I spent forever picking out. I couldn’t see the decor and the chairs and even the hops/vines we had up…all I could see was Steve and feel my parents smile as they let me go to him.

Our friend Austin was our officiant and he spoke about us in a way that I don’t think anyone else could have. He talked about our lives coming together and the community of people we have. At that moment I looked out at everyone and felt an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. We spoke our vows and Steve got some pretty hysterical laughs AND everyone applauded. I said, “Okay well I better get applause too!” (Side note, I did). We poured a ceremonial beer from Grand Armory, their Nutter Your Business (a peanut butter porter) and Mother Schmuckers (a raspberry ale) and we FORGOT to take a sip together. I have to laugh because we did mean to sip it but we just stared at it and waited for the part where we could kiss.

The funny thing is that we wanted a group shot of everyone in our party to have a can of beer…turns out some people got thirsty ahead of time so these are two empty cans that were left!
I don’t remember what I drank but thank you Big Lake Brewing!

Afterwards, Steve and I got to sneak away to Big Lake Brewing Co with our photographer and get a beer. This felt like us because trying new beers is a favorite hobby of ours, except this time we were looking way fancier than normal. We went back and did our entrance, listened to some of the best speeches ever from my sisters, my maid of honor, the best man, and my dad…again I looked at everyone and felt incredibly lucky. Steve had one more surprise which was an incredibly delicious beer that the two of us could enjoy. If you haven’t noticed yet, craft beer was a theme which you’ll see in the photos below.

Steve’s dad grows hops so he chopped them down and they put them up behind our alter, I LOVED this touch
My sister Kelsey designed everything that was a sign or on paper for us
Where our real baby’s breath came from was awesome and we got SO much extra which lead to extra bouquets
Against each donut stand was a card that says “He Loves…” or “She loves…” because….and Steve and I filled in the blanks for each other.
I was pretty adamant that no matter what, I was GETTING these balloons. Best $40 ever.
We collect six pack holders and growlers, etc. We filled them with fake baby’s breath and pretzels!

We brewed our own beer for the wedding and Steve’s dad brewed some as well! His neighbor also made us a mead (see the sign below for our clever names!) and between these personal touches, the way our decor came together, the donuts we set out for dessert…everything was perfect. Without our families, this dream wedding would not have happened.

My sister’s a graphic designer so she made all our signs and my mom made these bottles with tons of photos of us all around the venue

I cried through all the first dances – I cry even now just thinking about them – and there was one point in the night where I asked Steve…this has been amazing, what time is it!? My body said midnight but it was actually only 8:30! This set the mood for our honeymoon because we made sure that no matter what day or time it was, we said, “it’s ONLY Monday” or “it’s ONLY 8:30.” I think this made the last couple hours of our day go slowly and our honeymoon seemed to stretch on and on.

We didn’t want cake (except for cake donuts) but did share some cheesecake for just us
We danced to, Bright by Echosmith as our first dance

All in all, I can say that our final song, “Wild Fire” by John Mayer gives me a feeling of hope to this day as I’m sure it will years from now. Even our best man had to sit down to take in that moment and just allow those emotions to get out! Everything about our day went so spectacularly which wouldn’t have happened without the community of people Austin reminded us of. I cannot t thank them all enough and I can’t wait to see what is to come.

Let me know if you have more detailed questions 🙂 Tell me, what’s something you hope for your future wedding day? Or what was your favorite or most memorable part if you’re already married?


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  2. Aunt Deb says:

    Loved recapping this love story with you. I attended 3 weddings last summer and each was so different and unique to the couple.
    We loved sharing your special day with you, and we love you and Steve. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you both.

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