Confused about how to make choices in the kitchen that support your health and taste buds?

I’m on a mission to create excitement around cooking food for wellness. In my online community, I’ll help translate health benefits into delicious meals that you’ll feel confident tackling on your own AND that you’re genuinely excited to eat.

The kitchen is our classroom and I LOVE teaching. Join us today!

Why join this online community?

  • You’re working on preventing chronic disease or are concerned about a chronic disease
  • You want to improve cooking skills but don’t have a lot of confidence in trying new recipes
  • Cooking a healthy meal for yourself and/or family is important to you
  • Food rules or “diets” are RULING your kitchen and limiting your choices
  • You’ve said, “I can’t cook!” once, twice, or a million times
  • You tired of cooking the same meals over and over again
  • You tell yourself constantly that you should or shouldn’t eat/cook something but do it anyway and feel guilt
  • You experience guilt and shame in the kitchen
  • You want to cook and flavor your food without recipes
  • You’d like to learn more about meal planning, prepping or preparedness 
  • You’re stuck thinking cooking is a chore not a gift
  • Dieting has robbed you of cooking freedom
  • You want to learn how to read, interpret and follow a recipe
  • Food selection and substitution has been a struggle

Join the healthy kitchen community of home cooks just like you!

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How will I learn?

In this online community, I’ll create space for you to ask questions, gather meal plans, find support, and best of all…no diet culture BS! In the insider’s hub, all of the content I’m creating from my kitchen to yours includes original cooking demonstrations, bonus podcast episodes, early released recipes and recipes only released to the group.

You’ll also have advance notice on upcoming events, projects, and a direct line to me through regular community Q&A sessions and private messages. Not sure? Check out my best and free kitchen resources here.

Supporting The Kitchen Invitation

This kitchen and the content I create for you can’t run without your support. It means so much to me and will push me to continue to make more useful, functional, and helpful content each and every month.

I value the feedback I get from the people who have chosen to support my work in this way. I would not be able to recipe create, teach classes, or run this kitchen without the income generated here. Truly, I am so grateful for each and every subscriber.

Frequently Asked Questions

I promise you can! However, this phrase is why my approach focuses both on tweaking your mindset and improving your skill set. Often we need a mixture of both to improve our cooking skills and to go from, “I can’t cook” to “let’s DO this!”

EVERYONE! I cannot stress this enough. Everyone can learn something new in the kitchen whether it’s a hot tip or a new way to chop. If you approach the kitchen like a classroom, then I’ll be your teacher and guide to making it your favorite room in the house. Or at least a room you don’t dread being in!

All kinds of things!

  • Culinary terminology and food science principles
  • Food selection, substitution, shopping, safety, and storage
  • Basic preparation skills including knife skills, measuring, and mixing techniques
  • Basic cooking techniques and skills through demonstration videos
  • Recipe ingredient swaps
  • Translating food science into delicious recipes
  • How to read, interpret and follow recipes
  • Meal planning skills and laid out meal plans

Every month you can expect a Q&A/Kitchen Office Hours session from community questions, a bonus educational podcast or video lesson, a cooking demonstration, meal plans, meal inspiration, and content created around your questions and concerns.

I also love to share random food finds or kitchen equipment to keep you up to date on brands to try or pass on.

Yes. There is no obligation to stay if this isn’t for you. You can cancel at any time or rejoin in the future if the timing is off.

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