Craisin’ Watermelon Seed Power Bars

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Is that name intriguing or what!? I love making energy bites, like these low sugar Oreo peanut butter ones I made a while back. They’re so fast to make, you can toss in a lot of powerful nutrition packed foods, and they are easy to transport. Truth be told, these granola bars started out as a bite/ball recipe but I thought it’d be fun to change it up.

I get the question all the time, “what’s a good granola bar?” I personally look for things like a moderate amount of protein, maybe some healthy fat, added sugar, and price. If it would be of interest, I would happily do a review post of lots of granola bars to help you find healthy ones that fit your lifestyle. I can tell you right now, a few of my favorites include 88 Acres, KIND, Clif, and Luna.

My other favorites are my own! When you make your own you can choose the amount of added sugar, I usually opt for a more natural sugar like maple syrup or honey, which is helpful if you’re trying to limit added sugar. It can also help you out of if you or someone in your family has a food allergy and you’re not able to find a granola bar that works for everyone.

What’s also nice about these is that they are SO versatile. Virtually every ingredient could be swapped, changed, increased, or removed. Oh, were you wondering when I was going to address the whole watermelon seed component?

88 Acres is this awesome company that I stumbled upon through my RD Snack Exchange. Their focus is on seeds such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and sunflower seeds. They sell bars, nut butters, ‘nola, and pouches of nut butters too. Their mission to provide nutrition that is all good for every body, always. I’m apart of their Nutrition Collaborative meaning I happily get to pass on some savings to you! In addition to that, I used their no sugar added watermelon seed butter in these granola bars!

Did you know that watermelon seed butter has more protein than peanut butter? It also contains those healthy unsaturated fats that can help keep your cholesterol levels in check. Would you want to try it? Grab my discount code at the bottom of the page but don’t forget the recipe!

Craisin’ Watermelon Seed Power Bars

A quick easy homemade granola bar that's allergy friendly and nutrient packed.
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Course: Snack
Servings: 10 bars
Calories: 190kcal
Author: Jessi@TheKitchenInvitation


  • 1 cup rolled oats or steel cut
  • 1/2 cup watermelon seed butter or your other favorite nut/seed butter
  • 1/2 cup whole milled ground flax seeds
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup no sugar added, craisins
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds because why not?


  • Put it all in a food processor and blend it!
  • Remove with a rubber spatula (cause that's the best kitchen tool in the world) and lay on parchment paper
  • Use your hands OR place a second piece of parchment paper on top and use a rolling pin to flatten it out
  • Let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before slicing
  • Stack the granola bars in between pieces of parchment paper and enjoy all week! Freeze if you're not going to go through them in 7-10 days.


Just remember, you could exchange and swap out TONS of these ingredients to make it your own! If they turn out too wet, add more oats. If you make them, be sure to tag me on Instagram @the_beer_dietitian!


Calories: 190kcal
Did you make this recipe?Mention @The.Kitchen.Invitation or tag #TheKitchenInvitation!

I am happy to share that Steve really enjoyed these too and he’s not a number one fan of granola bars! Would you make these? What would you change if anything? Let me know and enjoy!

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